Build a MarTech Blueprint

The easiest way to quickly build a shareable map of your Marketing technology stack.

A martech blueprint will help you...

  • Visualize your martech architecture
  • Find integration opportunities
  • Understand data workflows
  • Consolidate applications and tools
  • Identify operational inefficiencies
  • Help prioritizing tech investments
  • Share with key stakeholders
  • Where do new tech solutions fit in
Build a Marketing Technology Blueprint

3 reasons to create a martech blueprint today

Document & visualize your technology

Capture the current state of your marketing technology by taking inventory of technologies, tools, systems, processes and data flows you currently use in a simple visual diagram, easy to understand and shareable with stakeholders.

Prioritize and move your marketing forward

The marketing technology blueprint will enable you to identify silos, operational inefficiencies, opportunities for system consolidation, manual workflows and automation gaps, and inform requirements for new technologies.

Align technology with ROI and business goals

A martech blueprint will help you optimize current systems, capabilities, workflows and implement new technology to better support customers. Leverage your technology as a competitive advantage over your competitors.

How does it work?

It's easy and only takes a few minutes to sart visuaizing your technology infrastructure.

1. Build the technology inventory

Capture the current state of your marketing technology by taking inventory of technologies, tools, systems, processes and data flows you currently use. With StackrApp, it only takes a few minutes to add dozens of systems.

a Marketing technology inventory

2. Map the integrations

With our easy to use diagram builder, you connect one system to one another with a click, capture data flows and document any details about the integration.

example of Marketing technology blueprint

3. Keep control of costs

Analyze your blueprint periodically to find ways to improve inefficiencies amd prioritize new technology investments depending on upcoming contract and subscription renewals.

list of marketing technology contract renewals

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Stop using spreadsheets, say hello to the future.

Web-based applications are much more robust and flexible than spreadsheets.

No more spreadsheets

Many organizations still use spreadsheets to manage their marketing technology stack. Altough Excel is a versatile solftware, it has enormous limitations.

The "power" of SaaS for you

StackrApp is a secured, scalable custom web application which provides features and reporting capablities spresadsheets can't offer. Any new feature becomes available to you without any effort.


Work with your team to build, organize and maintain the technology inventory. StackrApp provides access to multiple users who need to carry out updates simultaneously.

100% Remote

StackrApp runs online, which means it is easily accessible from anywhere and from any device with an internet connection. Give your team and new team members the tool they need to be productive and work efficiently.

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