Take Control of Your
Marketing Technology Stack

StackrApp acts as a CRM for your technology and provides visibility across your organization.

How often does someone ask...

What is the login for Mailchimp?

How much do we spend for this app?

Which web server host the website?

Who owns the Twitter account?

When does Drift renew?

Where is the documentation?

How expensive is our tech stack?

Why should you answer all these questions?

We've got a solution.

Stackrapp Stack Sample

It's Free, no credit card required. We swear.

What does it do?

All your apps in one place

All of your applications/software, billing details, contracts, agreements, renewal dates, owners, notes stored in a centralized location. Transparency, no shadow.

Share login credentials

We know small teams can't afford expensive SaaS pricing plans so we let you store the login information you want everyone to use. Securely encrypted.

Renewal reminders

Cancel a subscription prior to a payment, get aletrted to start negotiationing a new contract early. Set custom alerts via Slack, email or SMS.

Collaborative knowledge base

Let your team request and create FAQs to build a shared knowledge base. Add updates and notes for each application to capture key information.

Remote ready

Your team can access the most up-to-date inventory of technologies available to get their job done and from anywhere.

Budget forecasting

With our budget planning feature, you can easily see all of the upcoming payments to keep your budget on track. No more unanticipated expenses.

Working with clients?


Invite your clients, collaborate to build and maintain their technology inventory as a team.

No more spreadsheets

Accessible anywhere, can be simultaneousy used by multiple users, secured with passwords, etc.

Grow your business

Create as many organizations as you need. Every organization is 100% independent from each other.

Safe and secured

Your data is stored on the cloud securily on Amazon AWS technology, backed up daily.

Ready to get started?

It's Free. No credit card required.