Manage Your SaaS Inventory

StackrApp is a tool to help you take control of your SaaS and provide visibility across your organization.

How often does someone ask...

What is the login for Mailchimp?

How much do we spend for this app?

Which web server host the website?

Who owns the Twitter account?

When does Drift renew?

Where is the documentation?

How expensive is our tech stack?

Why should you answer all these questions?

We've got a solution.

Stackrapp Stack Sample

Key Features

Your tech stack under one roof

All of your applications/software, billing details, contracts, agreements, renewal dates, owners, notes stored in a centralized location. Transparency, no shadow.

Share login credentials

We know small teams can't afford expensive SaaS pricing plans so we let you store the login information you want everyone to use. Securely encrypted.

Renewal reminders: Email, Slack, SMS

Cancel a subscription prior to a payment, or start contract renegotiations early. Set custom alerts for anyone in your team via Slack, email or SMS.

Documents, knowledge base and more

Upload agreements/contracts, let your team submit and add FAQs to build up the knowledge base, record updates and notes for each application.

Efficient employee onboarding

No more emails, no more Slack messages. Anyone in your team can access the inventory of technologies they need to use to get the job done, even remotely.

Keep a close eye on budget

With our budget planning feature, see all upcoming payments and make sure your budget stays on track. Don't get surprised by unanticipated expenses.

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