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StackrApp helps companies manage their technology stack collaboratively.


Improve your employees efficiency and productivity.

How often does your team ask...

How do i create a mailchimp campaign?

Which tools does the sales team use?

Can i get user access for this app?

Who owns the Twitter account?

When does SalesForce renew?

Where is the documentation?

We've got the solution your team needs!

Stackrapp Stack Sample

What does it do?

Your tech stack under one roof

All your technologies, renewal dates, FAQs, owners, notes, documents etc. centralized and accessible by your team.

Better transparency

Give your team members an easy and quick access to the inventory of technologies they need to get the job done.

Automated communication

Email reminders are sent when renewal dates approach. Application owners directly receive questions from the team. We do the work for you.

Empower your team

Give your team members ownership of technologies, delegate responsibilities to manage FAQs, documentation, vendor contact info, etc.

Get out of the way

Keep your team efficient by giving them the only tool they need to stay productive. Eliminate unecessary threads of emails or Slack messages to get answers.

Measure and report

Keep an eye on metrics that matter: upcoming renewal dates, most used applications, breakdown per team, etc.

Simplified Application Portfolio Management (APM)

All of your applications, web tools and software assets in a centralized location, at the fingertips of your team.

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