We scratched our own itch

StackrApp was built out of our need to build an inventory of applications, capture key data (renewal dates, owner, vendor contacts, agreements/contracts, notes, etc.) and make it easily available to anyone in the team.

Spreadsheets and Google Documents did not offer the level of customization, security and access control required, so we build a web application others could use too.

In a nutshell, StackrApp is a modern, simpler Application Portfolio Management (APM) solution.

IT Shadow

As the employees' desire and need for specific web services or personal technologies increase at work, IT departments are highly concern about security risks when unsupported software solutions are used, and organizations are challenged with decentralized technology solutions which impact operating costs.

Who owns what?

What's in your tech stack? Who is responsible for what? When is the next renewal date coming? What's the history of this web application? Why are we using this service? StackrApp is the CRM for your web applications.

Employee onboarding

StackrApp allows any new employee to quickly learn about the current inventory of applications available to them to perform their work, who is responsible for each application and basic information such as FAQs and documentation.

Centralize inventory

Every organization needs to run application inventory management regularly to identify redudant software, limit security risks, plan for digital transformation, implementation of new technologies, identify unused applications, budget planning, etc.

Collaboration means efficiency

Many organizations use spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to manage their application inventoy. This solution often does not scale appropriately, doesn't offer real-time visualizations, isn't collaborative-friendly, can gets lost and out of sync rapidly.

Web applications like StackrApp are programmed to behave similarly to spreadsheets but provide additional capabilities and customization options related to collaboration, access (anywhere on any devices), instant data vizualization, critical notifications, and so much more.


Send us an email, we look forward to connect with anyone who has heard of StackrApp.