Damien Arlabosse - StackrApp founder

Thank you for checking StackrApp out.

I am Damien Arlabosse, the creator and founder.

I am an email away, feel free to contact me at anytime.

Why did i build StackrApp?

I am a problem solver. StackrApp was built out of my own need to find a solution offering more capabilities than spreadsheets could offer.

Back in late 2017, jumping into a new role of Director of Marketing Technology, i became responsible for building and maintaining an inventory of technology including SaaS applications, homegrown web tools, and enterprise level solutions used or supported by my team.

After some initial research, i could not find any solution fitting my needs. I read hundreds of marketing technology (thanks to Scott Brinker from ChiefMartech for sharing his knowledge) about stack management and application inventories, and talked to dozens of profesionals in similar roles as mine.

I discovered that i was not the only individual struggling with the problem of capturing information about technologies we supported or managed, in a an accessible environment for my team, supervisors or other stakeholders within the organization. I also realized that there was a need to capture a wide range of meta data for each application (renewal dates, owner, vendor contacts, agreements/contracts, notes, etc.).

Finally, i needed the solution to be accessible from anywhere and more importantly, to be up-to-date whenver someone accessed it.

At that point, i knew spreadsheets could not offer the level of customization, security, access and control required so I embarked into the journey to build this web application that is now called StackrApp.

In a nutshell, StackrApp is a modern, simple Application Portfolio Management (APM) solution as it was refered to in 90s by IT teams.

StackrApp helps you build a blueprint of your technology ecosystem. It helps informing technology investment decisions, aligning technology with ROI and business goals, identifying opportunities to improve inefficiencies and ultimately to provide an optimized technology environment to better serve customers.

Intrigued? Want a demo?

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