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Discover the directory of 63 Influencers SaaS applications available.

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  • logo drives engagement with your campaigns by turning your quiet supporters into vocal advocates. We show organizations what supporters are saying on social media, and who is influential, so you can better target via email and social media to radically increase engagement and reach of your campaigns. powers influencer engagement, fundraising, advocacy campaigns and multi-channel delivery of real-time, personalized communications. We have worked with over 200 brands across the non-profit and political space helping them understand their supporters and boost engagement.

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    The easiest way to follow your favorite blogs

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    Blogmint - Asia’s first influencer marketing platform; blogging community that engage bloggers and brands.

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    Boostinsider is an influencer marketing platform where top social media influencers promote brands they love. Launch a campaign today!

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    Collective Bias

    Our influencer-generated content helps brands pinpoint the right influencers by leveraging proprietary data and targeting capabilities.

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    Advocate Marketing with Crowdly - Build a Word of Mouth channel made up of your own influential and authentic brand advocates.

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    Building Brand Awareness for Businesses

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    Self-service marketplace that makes YouTube video influence marketing and sponsored video content super easy for advertisers, brands and YouTube influencers.

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    Kred helps you measure your Influence online. Join today to activate your customizable, drag and drop Engagement Profile on a premium .Kred domain.

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    Influencer marketing platform for advertisers, brands, and creators to run influencer marketing campaigns on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook

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    Guest Crew is a influencer marketing, content marketing and crowd speaking platform. Amplify your content with the power of the crowd.

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    HYPR influencer marketing platform makes influencer marketing easy. We help you find social influencers with actionable data to boost your campaigns.

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    The world's largest Creator marketplace. Brands are ushering in the rise of “micro-influencers,” highly creative individuals with expertise.

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    We're the world's leading influencer marketing solution for authentic sponsored posts, branded content, and social amplification.

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    Home crowdtap

    Crowdtap is the digital destination through which you can team up with your favorite brands to inform decisions, develop new ideas, and help spread the word about initiatives you care about.

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    IZEA is a leading provider of influencer marketing and custom content services. Our platform allows brands/agencies and influencers to collaborate easily.

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    InNetwork Inc.

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    The best way to create, manage, launch and measure influencer campaigns.

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    Influential is the only influencer platform matching brands with social media influencers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube based on deep data enriched by IBM Watson.

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    Simple, smart blogger outreach

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    Our influencer marketing platform helps identify relevant influencers in your market space with helpful tools like discovery, activation, and insights.

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    Intellifluence is an influencer marketing service that enables brands and influencers to connect, collaborate and reach their goals.

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    Drive successful campaigns with unrivaled influencer insights, hand-curated data and the industry’s most trusted end-to-end influencer marketing solution.

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    Klear is an influencer marketing platform that helps brands build, scale and measure influencer campaigns.

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    Klout helps people who want to be great at social media. Join today to start sharing original content and measuring your online impact.

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    Linqia combines the science and accountability of online media with award-winning service to deliver guaranteed influencer marketing results to our clients.

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    Lissted enables you to discover the truly influential voices in a community and the content, conversations and websites that matter to them.

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    Mavrck is the most effective influencer marketing platform for driving conversions on social.

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    Empowering creators to unleash their voice to impact the future.

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    NeoReach is the leading social media influencer marketing platform. We help brands identify and advertise at scale through the top social media influencers.

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    Ninja Metrics

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    Ninja Outreach is a blogger outreach software CRM perfect for influencer marketing. Empower your PR team to find and outreach to bloggers.

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    Marketing tool to promote your business on social media using opinion leaders

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    Reelio is the leading influencer marketing platform and agency that helps brands identify and manage top social media influencers.

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    Revfluence is a marketing platform that empowers brands and creators to connect and collaborate with each other.

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    Our influencer marketing campaigns bring your brand story to life through compelling content delivered to the right audience on the right platform.

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    The most influential people on the most influential platforms. Hollywood Celebrities, Bloggers, Vloggers and Social Media All-Stars ...

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    We bring your story to life when and where it will be SEEN with trusted storytellers.

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    Sociafluence is the most intelligent Influencer marketing platform in India to find social media influencers. Reach out to influencers for endorsements

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    Invite your customers to become micro-influencers. Gamify engagement and reward them for sharing your content with their communities. Try it free now with unlimited ambassadors Create your campaign in minutes Select your social media page, customize the gamification, set up your reward.

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    Invite your customers to become micro-influencers. Gamify engagement and reward them for sharing your content with their communities. Try it free now with unlimited ambassadors Create your campaign in minutes Select your social media page, customize the gamification, set up your reward.

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    TapInfluence is the leading influencer marketing automation solution for brands and agencies. Schedule a demo of our software today!

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    Tellagence provides television networks, agencies and brands the ability to segment social tv audiences based on how they interact and behave. Using this data marketers can target social and mobile ads directly at the people that matter allowing you to increase loyalty, reducing turnover, and increasing engagement giving viewers the complete entertainment experience they have always craved.

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    Our innovative technology platform and expertise help the world's leading brands discover relevant online communities at enterprise scale. We identify and build relationships with influencers to shape the conversation around the products our customers sell.

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    A Content Marketing Suite that enables you to run Highly Scalable Campaigns, end-to-end at Ease!

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    The Shelf

    The Shelf enables you to find and connect with your current brand advocates as well as identify new influencers who are relevant to your demographic.

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    Traackr is the leading influencer management platform. We help you manage, validate, measure, and scale influencer marketing programs built on relationships.

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    Welcome to Upfluence. We take care of your influencer marketing campaigns, and provide content marketing services tailored to your needs

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    VYRL is a community for social influencers. We enable users to connect, collaborate, and transact with each other in an exclusive environment.

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    From deep analytics to activations like data visualizations, contests and microsites; our platform, social identity data, and tools help drive your ROI strategy

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    Influencer Orchestration Network

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    Grow customers through content people trust! Find & hire Influencers on Snapchat, Instagram, Blogs, Youtube and Facebook.

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    Onalytica specialises in providing Influencer Relationship Management software and supporting professional services to help brands scale 1-to-1 Influencer Relationship Management results.