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Visualize your technology investments

With our visual diagram tool, you can build a blueprint of your technology architecture.

  • Simple diagram of your technologies
  • Visualize all applications and systems
  • Identify processes and data flows
  • Find gaps and opportunities
  • Consolidate overlaping technologies
  • See how new tech fits into the current ecosystem
  • Isolate systems to identify dependencies

Share it with you teams, executives, vendors, implementation partners. Get everyone on the same page.

Build your inventory within minutes

  • Easily build your technology inventory (search through >8,000 of technologies)
  • Add your own homegrown applications, systems and/or web tools
  • Quickly filter and search for technologies in your inventory
  • Capture the business justification for each system
  • Quickly identify which systems are in use, canceled or being tested
  • Organize your technologies by stack and teams

Help your team and new team members access the tools they need to their work efficiently.

Create a profile for each system

StackrApp acts as a "CRM" for your technologies. You can create an as many custom fields as you need to capture key data for each of your systems:


  • Start and end of service
  • Business and technical owners
  • Teams, departments, divisions with access to tech
  • Vendor name, contact information
  • Number of licenses / seats
  • Renewal dates
  • Login information
  • etc.

Contract & subscription management

Constantly evaluate your tech investments for ROI and business impact. By monitoring upcoming subscription and contract renewals, you can make business decisions proactively. You can capture:

  • Your subscriptions, contracts, free trials
  • Costs of each system
  • Billing cycles/frequency
  • Payment methods
  • Next payment dates
  • Renewal dates
  • Keep an history of expenditure for each system

Payment reminders

Don't get caught offguard by contract renewals, cancel subscriptions that no one uses, avoid being pressured to find new tech to replace existing ones.

  • Set up unlimited automatic alerts for each technology
  • Notifications are sent via email or Slack (SMS coming soon)
  • Set up different dates and times (based on the organization's timezone)
  • Customize the messaging for each alert
  • Any user can receive notifications:
    • Business owners
    • Technical owners
    • Team leaders
    • Procurement team
    • etc.

Budget forecasting

Stay in control of your budget and budget planning. With the budget forecasting tool, you can easily identify upcoming subscription and contract renewals.

  • Proactively review each system with your users
  • Review system alignment with business goals and ROI
  • Initiate internal conversations about system replacement ahead of time
  • Start renegotiating contracts proactively
  • Visualize future expenditure and keep your budget on track

User management

Capture who has access to what, the business/technical owners, departments using and responsible for each application.

(not as-is, currently under development)

Share your MarTech stack

You can make your martech inventory public, share it with key stackeholders or your peers.

And more...

Document management

Upload and store sales agreements, contracts and other important documents for each application.

Journal and notes

Keep a log of notes about each application, conversations with vendors, negotiations, bugs and issues.

Knowledge base

Add how tos and FAQs for each application easily accessed by anyone in your team.

Our product roadmap

We make a priority to talk and gather feedback from users continuously.

Our goal is to build a tool you will love and a tool that will help you make better decisions. We are a small team, we work hard, we code fast and we turn around new features quickly. And it's a lot of fun for us to build a useful tool for our users.

These are some of the areas we will be focusing on. Please, get in touch with us and share your wishes, needs, ideas and suggestions.

December 2019

A more powerful diagram

We are currently making extensive improvements to the diagram builder: better layout, cearly identify data flows, isolate a system to identify all its integrations, export or save diagram as a PDF, meta data connections, and more.

Q1 2020

Review your Tech

Automatically gather feedback from your users periodically to identify low and high-rated applications. Let the data inform decisions to renew or replace systems in your stack.

Q2 - 2020

Discover new apps

StackrApp will suggest systems that fit in your stack and might align better with ROI and your business goals. Keeping up with the fast-growing SaaS market offerings is challenging, we will do the work for you.

All year around


Often, developers come up with new creative and innovative features users did not know they needed. We like to challenge ourselves and to try things out, even if it does not work out at the end necessarily. Failing is learning.